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AvPORTS Wellness Contest Winners

iPad Winners

  • Gabriel Andino (TEB)
  • Dean Marks (HPN)
  • Persaud Mohendra (ALB)
  • Katherine Ozarowski (ALB)

$50 Gift Card Winners

  • Virgil Sager II (ALB)
  • Brian Ridner (ALB)
  • Evelyn Winters (ALB)
  • Vahideh Ghaedsharafi (ALB)
  • Mary Cleveland (ALB)
  • David Shaw (ALB)
  • Howard Cauwels (ALB)
  • Baron Gattgens (ALB)
  • Bill Heffelfinger (ALB)
  • Sam Boschelli (ALB)
  • Marlene Diotte (ALB)
  • John Mattie (ALB)
  • Sasha-Lee Dawes-Allen (FRG)
  • Ozzie Moore (CORP)
  • Ellen Kydd (RIA)
  • Felino San Juan (NUQ)
  • Seremet Alicia (HVN)
  • Patrick Ford (HVN)
  • Laura Etre (HPN)
  • Danny Vanegas (HPN)
  • Kenneth Brown (HPN)
  • Jason Paulino (HPN)
  • Alan Fleischman (HPN)
  • Philip Milazzo (HPN)
  • Ana Cueto (HPN)
  • Salvatore Fiorino (HPN)
  • Matthew Ede (TEB)
  • Ciba Williams (TEB)
  • Justin Howard (TEB)

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